Friday, April 08, 2011

Yeah...I'm back

So I'ma try this blog shit out u see the last post was Feb 2009 when I copped the BRAND NEW G1 phone....thats history right there...No promises but ...stay tuned..


Tuesday, February 03, 2009

G1 Life Beginz

iight so i copped the G1 phone brown color to upgrade from the sidekick slide...Mainly cuz it has alot more capabilities while out and about. I don't have a laptop yet so , so i only can use my phone for internet etc, when away from home. Well ths phone is crazy to say the least. It does almost everything except cook and clean...I am going to the UK soon and will be able to use the wifi feature where ever there is a connection. so on and so on...well I got notice that my passport app was approved so ..everything is moving on schedule. Many tings gwan happen out tere...
Ofcourse I will keep yah posted.


ps. shout out to my dude tubesteak giving back to the community haha- peep the video

Monday, February 02, 2009

New Era of Bloggin

haha I went to setup a new blog and found that I had created one in 05.... so I will use the same one to keep the blog name. So this is 2nd attempt....I promise to be more consistent haha.

Wattup world- I'll be keepin all of yah posted on what news, old, relevant ..sometimes irrelevant to my life grind. I use to have but thats long gone... Inspired by my brother IMAKEMADBEATS and a couple others puttin blogs up, I decided to do this. New music, new videos, updates and shows will all be here. Its 2009- gonna be a very budy year for the kid. Next post I'll put up what u might have missed recently and whats to come soon. Stay tuned!! 

TZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ    <-----my official signature...without this it is not me

Monday, December 05, 2005

Welcome to myself

Sup yall,
this is my 1st blog post ever..... Tine to let some inner thoughtz out. Live and learn while I learn to live....
Well 1st I'm thankful to be here. Thanks God.

I'll be back with sum thingz on tha mind